Great Moments in Black History: The 1994 Beating in Detroit of Rosa Parks by Joseph Skipper – Netting the Latter $53

The Joseph Skipper incident in 1994 Detroit has been scrubbed from the history books…

Perhaps it’s fate that civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks would have turned 100 years-old today, during the holiest-of-holy months in Black-Run America (BRA), Black History Month.

Remember, it was her ‘courageous’ stand – backed by a powerful pr/marketing sympathetically supplied by the national media – that helped kill public transportation in America.
Now in most major cities, public transportation is synonymous with transporting dangerous minorities from point A to point B, though any problem on these trains or buses can never be attributed to black people.
Parks, after all, liberated them to ride public transportation without prejudice – no matter how much they cost the system (right Cleveland?).
But that’s about the end of the history of Rosa Parks one gets in the official-sanctioned history of BRA: Parks refused to give up her seat for the good of mankind.
Lost in the story of Parks is that she moved to Detroit (that thriving black metropolis), where in 1994 a black man beat her for $53[Suspect recognized Parks, police say, Toledo Blaze, 9-3-1994]:

A man accused of breaking into civil rights pioneer Rosa Park’s house didn’t know she lived there, but he recognized her once inside, police said yesterday. 

 “He said, ‘Aren’t you Rosa Parks?’ She said, ‘Yeah,’ and he went ahead and robbed her anyway,” Detroit police investigator Daniel Budz said. 

 Joseph Skipper, 28, was arraigned yesterday on three charges: two counts of breaking and entering and unarmed robbery and one count of breaking and entering with intent to commit larceny. The charges involve three burglaries of elderly women’s homes. 

 Magistrate Margaret Baylor entered an innocent plea for Mr. Skipper, who faces up to 15 years on the charges, and ordered him held in lieu of $150,000 bond. 

Mr. Skipper also had an outstanding $5,000 bond for failing to appear in court in July on a charge he had broken into a church on Christmas Day. 

Mrs. Parks, 81, was beaten Tuesday and robbed of $53. She was treated a hospital.

Hilariously, this Great Moment in Black History has a happy ending; Mr. Skipper would brag about beating and robbing Parks after being caught robbing a church in 2009:

When caught by a priest as he attempted to steal jewelry from a Livonia church rectory in late August, Joseph Skipper allegedly offered something of a confession: 

“Do you remember when Rosa Parks was beat up? I did that. I just got out of prison,” Skipper told the priest, referencing his 1995 conviction, according to Hometown Life. 

Skipper, 43, of Detroit, waived his preliminary hearing in 16th District Court on Tuesday. He’s charged with first-degree home invasion, breaking and entering a building and could see additional time as a habitual offender. 

The priest found Skipper holding jewelry in the rectory’s bedroom and called 911, Lt. Greg Winn of the Livonia Police Department said. He allegedly climbed through the bedroom window after having asked the rectory staff for money earlier in the day. 

Skipper was convicted in 1995 of breaking in to Rosa Parks’ Detroit home, hitting the civil-rights icon in the face and robbing her of $53. 

He blamed a drug problem and was sentenced to an 8- to 15-year sentence in a maximum security correctional facility.

Detroit lays in ruins, courtesy of Actual Black-Run America (ABRA); public transportation across the nation is an endless black-hole of public funds, a veritable job scheme for employing black people (consult MARTA in Atlanta and the Metro in DC employee figures); and one Joseph Skipper used the story of his 1994 beating of Ms. Civil Disobedience herself in robbing a church.
This has been a Great Moment in Black History. 



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