Great Moments in Black History: The 1805 Haitian Constitution

Lost White Tribes: The End of Privilege and the Last Colonials in Sri Lanka, Jamaica, Brazil, Haiti, Namibia, and Guadeloupe offers a glimpse into a world free of white privilege, where white people are sufficiently and correctly displaced of any and all power.

The 1805 Haitian Constitution banned white people from owning property on the island — it ended ‘white privilege’ by the sword

No, were aren’t talking about 2013 Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, or Birmingham — we are talking about past civilizations that white people created and were ultimately deprived of any and all ‘white privilege’ via revolution.

In the case of Haiti, it was a total loss for white civilization (and eventually mulatto’s) as the black slave population rose up in a fury not even seen in Django Unchained, slaughtering on the whites on the island in the process. Riccardo Orizio book is a powerful reminder of just how precarious civilization is, and what happens when ‘white privilege’ is removed by revolutionary forces.

Just as 2013 Detroit (90 percent black) is a city completely devoid of white privilege, it is also devoid of civilization. And the clues of why that might be are hidden within the riddle of the 1805 Haitian Constitution — that glorious black republic. From Orizio’s book we learn the Haitians instituted discrimination within their constitution:

From the Haitian constitution of 1805:

Article No. 12- “No white person, of whatever nationality, may set foot upon this territory as a land owner or master, nor may such persons in future acquire any property whatsoever.”

Article No. 13- “The preceding article does not apply to white women who have been naturalized by the government, nor to their eventual offspring. The provisions of this article also include those of Polish and German birth whom the government has naturalized. (p. 136)

Do we even need to bring up what Haiti looks like in 2013? Just drive into any urban area, any ghetto known as a “food desert”  and you’ll see a glimpse of Haiti in America.

Where a white nation to have a constitution of this nature, people would be flocking to this hypothetical nation in a manner dwarfing the flood of immigrants to the United States today. The prosperity would be… unimaginable.

But a nation like Haiti only has charity organizations and Sean Penn flocking to its soil today; a city like Detroit in 2013 – which has enacted a de-facto 1805 Haitian Constitution via the reality of ‘racial democracy’ and the virtually in-electability of white political candidates – has watched its population decline since Coleman Young took power in 1973.

Middle class black people flee to white suburbs in search of economic opportunity, safe schools, and strong communities that black Detroit can’t provide. The same goes for Birmingham; the same goes for Atlanta; and the same goes for Chicago.

The end of ‘white privilege’ in a civilization founded, funded, and sustained by white people is simply the end of civilization itself. 

This has been another great moment in black history.



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