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The Death of Legion Field in Birmingham: Paul "Bear" Bryant’s True Legacy

PK Note: Tomorrow, we tug on Superman’s cape. Tonight, read up on this VDare article (Alabama’s Iron Bowl And Integration—Was Football Victory Worth It?, November 26, 2012) and this important article on why Birmingham Southern College – located in the … Continue reading

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What did we say about School Discipline? A Quick Glance at LeFlore High School in Mobile, Alabama

What was it we wrote about school discipline about four months ago? In a nutshell: it’s not something Black people particularly enjoy, because it’s Black people who wear the proverbial dunce, truant and juvenile delinquent hat at a rate that … Continue reading

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#176. The Reality of Jefferson County

Sweet home Alabama. Where the skies are so blue, and Black people control Jefferson County too. Named for Thomas Jefferson, the most populated county in Alabama is home to a thriving Black people led-local government that has helped see – … Continue reading

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#91. Foreign Beer

All races on earth have found beer to be one of God’s many blessings ( with apologies to our Mormon friends, who refuse to drink for admirable, moral reasons) and few racial groups enjoy alcoholic libations like Black people. What’s … Continue reading

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#151. Riotless High School Basketball Games

A previous entry pontificated upon Black people and their love of rioting. Black people do not like to be out-rioted. Black people love basketball as the sport offers the chance for Black people to showcase their running, jumping and ball … Continue reading

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