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The Obama Effect in Action – The World Kneels Before Barack Obama

The Obama Effect. What is it? What type of power does it have over the masses in not just America, but the entire world? Mein Obama was seen as the Tiger Woods of politics, an individual capable of bringing closure … Continue reading

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The First Day of Christmas at SBPDL: Holiday Inn

Everybody loves the song White Christmas, for the season isn’t complete without hearing Bing Crosby sing those familiar notes. White Christmas is one of the nations favorite Christmas songs, and puts everyone who hears it in the Christmas spirit. Of … Continue reading

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#220. The Three Musketeers of Hate Crime Hoaxes

Alexander Dumas classic tale, “The Three Musketeers“, tells the story of Porthos, Athos and Aramis, the adventures they undertake and the immutable bounds of friendship that guide their lives. Interestingly, their creed, “All for One and One for All” fittingly … Continue reading

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#49. Whitopia

Who in the world could like Pre-Obama America? The boring, white-bread world that represented America when it was 90 percent white (as late as 1964 the United States was less than 1 percent Hispanic – a forthcoming SBPDL) is but … Continue reading

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Organized Communities…

SBPDL has been sitting on The Reality of Cook County story for sometime, and felt in the horrific and violent death of Derrion Albert the time for holding out on this important piece was over. RIP Derrion. Your death is … Continue reading

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#414. The Reality of Cook County

Black people love life under Mein Obama, the General Zod of Black people the world over. Regardless of the sorrowful state of the economy and the massive job loss for Black people, the admiration that Black people display for Obama … Continue reading

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#228. Washington DC Monuments

Black people love Washington DC. It is a city that has allowed Black people the honor of having the gifted orator, Marion Barry, serve as its mayor: “Barry‘s other run-ins with the law have included a federal sting operation in … Continue reading

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