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Why American Basketball is a Black Game: The Xavier- Cincinnati Fight and Kenny Frease

I played AAU basketball, and hated it (high school basketball was much better). The game was completely the “Black” version of basketball, as instead of being a team-oriented game – with set plays, screens, pick and rolls, and outstanding shooting … Continue reading

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NBA Lockout: They Still get an "A" from Richard Lapchick for Diversity!

Editor’s note: Due to events outside of my hands, SBPDL must undergo an emergency fundraiser. You can make a donation through the PayPal link in the upper left-hand corner or contact us and we’ll you send PO Box information. Or … Continue reading

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What a BYU Final Four Apperance Means

We write a lot about sports here. We do this because, quite simply, sports offered the primary mechanism for the acceptance of Black integration into mainstream American life to occur. BYU – in white – plays a team that looks … Continue reading

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Requiring High Graduation Rates is Racist: Why Arne Duncan’s Suggestion for the NCAA Tournament Will Not be Implemented

Remember the article on Auburn and the Opiate of America? Consider this the basketball version of that piece. Duke and Butler had 3 or 4 white players on the court each during their 2010 championship game The U.S. Secretary of … Continue reading

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The 2011 NCAA Basketball Tournament and Richard Lapchick: That pesky white-Black graduation gap strikes again

I recently watched the film Hoosiers again. You know, the high school basketball film starring Gene Hackman that Spike Lee said made him “uncomfortable” when he watched it. One day that movie will be banned, because it fails to show … Continue reading

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The Fab Five and the Ghetto, Hip-Hop Black culture of Basketball: Short-term success, Long-term rejection

The Fab Five: The Trojan Horse for Hip Hop that fans ultimately rejected ESPN must be commended for the excellent 30 for 30 series that they have aired for the past two years. The U is an outstanding documentary about … Continue reading

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Black Thanksgiving is upon Us: NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA needs great white hopes, but that means Black players must pass them the ball Editors Note: I am Number Four was exactly like we said it would be two weeks ago. An all-white cast in which white people are … Continue reading

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