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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America and the District B13 Solution

In the movie District B13 the ghettos of Paris, France have been walled off, sealed and quarantined. 24-hour patrols guard those left behind the wall from ever escaping, keeping the high-rates of crime and therapeutic car burning sessions contained and … Continue reading

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#26. Being the "Token Black"

It has been established that Black people fear three things most in life: ghosts, dogs and registered mail. However, Black people have long feared being deemed two incredibly embarrassing things: one of those is our entry now, the other will … Continue reading

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#30. Living in US News and World Report and’s Best Places to Live

Every year, US News and World Report unveils its list of Top Places to Live in the United States. Since everyone loves lists, has gotten in on the act and decided to name the best 100 small towns to … Continue reading

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