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"Dark Knight Rises" to be filmed in… Detroit?

Many people believe that Batman Begins and The Dark Knight represent two of the finest superhero movies ever made. Both were beautifully shot in the architecturally stunning city of Chicago, a magnificent stand-in for Gotham City where the Batman universe … Continue reading

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#261. Dying First in Film

 There exists an unwritten rule in cinema: The Black character always dies first in the movie. Whether the film is action, drama, a love story or a psychological thriller, the Black character always dies first. In the horror genre, this … Continue reading

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#765. Billy Dee Williams Being Paid Not to Play Two-Face

A smart wager could be made that more than 50 percent of the United States population has seen a Star Wars film. Perhaps you grew up in the Episode I – III and stumbled into a theater 10 years ago … Continue reading

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