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The Drudge Report Exposes BRA

Tens of millions of people saw this today Editors note: Could someone do a screen shot of Drudge Report for May 31, 2011 and send it to us? The stories of Black people acting Black in Miami, Charlotte, Charlotte Beach … Continue reading

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Could Ray Lewis be Right?

In January of 2010, we wrote an article on The New Orleans Saints football team. An interesting factoid was found in an article published at ESPN that stated this: Maybe you use numbers: 84 percent of the televisions in town … Continue reading

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Looting in Minneapolis after Tornado? Who Looted?

Nation’s Healthiest City Harbors Dark Secret about Crime Hurricane Katrina showed what a “Day without White People” (or, as Hunter Wallace calls it, “The Day the EBT Cards Stop) looks like. We’ve been following the horrible stories of flooding in … Continue reading

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Should Baggy Pants be Banned? Florida and Arkansas say ‘Yes’: We say ‘No"

Editors note:We finally got Hollywood in Blackface out (available on Amazon in book form here). If you enjoy this Web site, purchase a copy and help us send it up the list of Amazon best-sellers (the Kindle version reached #5 … Continue reading

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The Philadelphia Experiment: The Streets of Philly Forever Changed

Liberty isn’t cracked; the future of Philly is (Sorry this one is so long… the more we researched Philadelphia, the more needed to be added) When the population that built and sustained a city is replaced with a different population … Continue reading

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Tulsa, New Orleans, the Haunting Specter of Black Crime and the Justice Department’s Response

Eric “my people” Holder blames Black crime rates on anyone but the Black criminals Tulsa is home one of our favorite restaurants, The Chicken Hut. The food is so good there that a Black person bleeding out from a gunshot … Continue reading

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Sports Illustrated cover story on criminal records in College Football

How many arrests did the last all-white national champion team, the Texas Longhorns (1969), have? We write about college football a lot here. It is the opiate of America. Without college football, Black people in the southern states would never … Continue reading

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