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Two White Dudes Invent Prosthetic Tail That Saves Winter the Dolphin’s Life; Morgan Freeman to Portray those White Dudes in “Dolphin Tale”

Wait a second… aren’t those two actual scientists white guys? A recent advertisement for a new family movie called Dolphin Tale had me intrigued. As a kid in the mid-90s, I was swimming in the ocean far away from my … Continue reading

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Black History Month Heroes: August Gorman from "Superman III"

Finally, Superman delivers a Black computer programmer. No more waiting! NASA shouldn’t have to go to the ends of the earth to find a capable Black scientist. Hollywood has already given us Miles Dyson from Terminator 2; Dr. Ed Brazzelton … Continue reading

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What is Black Fictional Heroes Month?

You knew it coming. Last year for Black History Month we brought you Black Fictional Heroes, an ode to the monumental roles Black people have had in Hollywood that have helped create positive images in the minds of movie goers, … Continue reading

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Where are the Black people? The 2011 Academy Awards Nominees are Whiter then ever

Perhaps the Oscar should be white instead of gold Editor’s note: Posts on self-esteem and shame are delayed for one more day. Everyone loves movies. The escapism offered by viewing a film grants us the opportunity to visit exotic locations … Continue reading

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#261. Dying First in Film

 There exists an unwritten rule in cinema: The Black character always dies first in the movie. Whether the film is action, drama, a love story or a psychological thriller, the Black character always dies first. In the horror genre, this … Continue reading

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#709. Christian Bale’s Movie Roles

Movies. Film. No medium has the ability to shape people’s perceptions more than Hollywood’s finished products. This is why vigilante films are so rare, and why they rarely receive publicity when they do come out. Black people love movies, though … Continue reading

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Fictional Black History Month Invades the Real World

We at SBPDL have worked extra-hard to celebrate Black History Month correctly, identifying characters from cinema and television that have made outstanding contributions to world history. Of course, these are entirely fictitious contributions but film and television help craft positive … Continue reading

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