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Intersection of Madness: Are Black people being rejected in popular culture?

Has there been a white-out in popular culture? I’m working on a theory about over-saturation of Black people in sports (NBA and NFL) and the repudiation of Black people by those consuming other forms of entertainment (comics/graphic novels, movies and … Continue reading

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#124. Angelina Jolie Portraying Cleopatra

Michael Jackson famously bleached his skin in an all out effort to become white; had plastic surgery to replace his God-given looks with features that esthetically would be deemed white; and had his hair straightened in an attempt to undo … Continue reading

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Black History Month Heroes – Zora in "House Party 2"

In the history of cinema, movies that garner a sequel enter a rarefied class of distinction of classification, for the artist merit or the profit margin of the first film was enough to green light a continuation of the story. … Continue reading

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