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#64. No Loitering Signs

Loitering. Nationwide, businesses are confounded with the problem of individuals who have the apparent goal of standing around pointlessly with no desire to purchase any goods, but to merely engage in prolonged periods of fixed lingering. No attempt is made … Continue reading

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Freaknic Back in Atlanta!

Atlanta. Home of the 1996 Olympics, Coca-Cola, Home Depot and nearly one of the first major cities to see Black people lose their vice on governmental power, is about to welcome back one of the finest indicators of the cultural … Continue reading

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#891. The Demise of the Pontiac Silverdome

Black people love sports. Years of watching sports have helped people from across the United States develop favorable images of Black people, through vast consumption of sports, which is explained with the process of “Mainstreaming“: “A corollary of cultivation theory, … Continue reading

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#553. Vigilante Movies

We live in a world where the printed word is fading in popularity. Visual stimulation through the medium of movies and video games has supplanted reading and led to a significant decline in readership throughout the country. The National Endowment … Continue reading

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#102. Losing Power in Atlanta

“I know I had no hand in making this war, and I know I will make more sacrifices to-day than any of you to secure peace.” So said William Sherman in a letter to the Atlanta Mayor and Councilmen back … Continue reading

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#74. Lack of any Black-themed Mascots at American Universities or Colleges

College football season kicks off the 2009 season tonight and the anticipation for watching athlete-students compete in amateur athletics has never been greater. Whereas the National Football League includes 32 teams in large cities throughout the nation, college football is … Continue reading

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