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Black Run America is collasping: Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae near the end

This week, SBPDL: Year One will be released (finally) in book form. Could a more appropriate time for its arrival be found then now? Consider that the federal government, long an over-employer of Black people (see the TSA and virtually … Continue reading

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Egypt, Freedom and White War Criminals in Black Run America (BRA)

A right long dead in BRA Let’s take a quick break from talking about Black Fictional Heroes to make one point about Egypt (wait, weren’t the Ancient Egyptians Black?). We at Stuff Black People Don’t Like have no opinion to … Continue reading

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Errant snowballs, Chicken and Waffles for MLK Day and Navy Standards in Decline: SBPDL Re-dux

Didn’t we warn people about acknowledging soul food and Black people’s love for it? This Web site started as a joke, a late-night idea conceived by a number of friends engaged in a conversation on forbidden topics. It’s evolved into … Continue reading

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Forget the Mule, $48 Billion Sounds much Nicer!

Black Run America (BRA) is on the precipice of finally introducing a line of credit for Black people without a limit. $48 Billion to stimulate inner-city spending! After successfully passing legislation awarding more than $1 billion to imaginary Black farmers, … Continue reading

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#492. Architecture

In the iconic television show Seinfeld, the character George Costanza dreams of being an architect: “You know I always wanted to pretend I was an architect.” What an architect looks like George even states nothing is higher than an architect … Continue reading

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Down Goes Alvin: ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ Alvin Greene Falls in South Carolina

Alvin “Ultimate Warrior” Greene In one of the ultimate tragedies of modern American political life, Alvin Green –  the unemployed, currently living with his parents and indicted for showing a white Clemson co-ed pornography – was defeated in his bid … Continue reading

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The Last Bastion of Freedom – The Internet

Figuring things out for yourself is practically the only freedom anyone really has nowadays. Use that freedom. – Starship Troopers is one of the finest Web sites on the Internet, a portal into a world that few could imagine … Continue reading

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