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Regression to the Mean? New Denny’s Brawl Participants finally Integrate

Remember this Halloween Denny’s Brawl from Oakland, involving costumed Black participants? Well, a new brawl at an unidentified Denny’s has hit the Internet. Finally, integration has come to crazy YouTube videos that showcase prole behavior for the masses to see. … Continue reading

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Request: Video from Seminole County- Daleville (Ala.) Football Game Brawl

A massive, bench-clearing brawl took place during the Seminole County (Georgia) and Daleville High School (Alabama) football game. Following similar patterns of athletic brawls at the high school and collegiate level nationwide, SBPDL believes this brawl deserves recognition at this … Continue reading

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What did we say about School Discipline? A Quick Glance at LeFlore High School in Mobile, Alabama

What was it we wrote about school discipline about four months ago? In a nutshell: it’s not something Black people particularly enjoy, because it’s Black people who wear the proverbial dunce, truant and juvenile delinquent hat at a rate that … Continue reading

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Brawl in Miami Mall: It Makes Sense When you Wear Black Goggles

Think of the world as it appears when you’re intoxicated. A heightened sense of invincibility overtakes your normal emotions and demeanor, superseding rationality and civility. You slur your speech in an almost unintelligible dialect, with all inhibitions vanishing as your … Continue reading

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