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Success Used to Live Here: What the Fall of Gwinnett County Means for White America

Gwinnett County: 91 percent white in 1990; 44 percent white today There’s an apocryphal story involving Andrew Young, former mayor of Atlanta and President Jimmy Carter’s ambassador to the United Nations, and an address he gave to the historically Black … Continue reading

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Democracy in America

Victor Hill: The Face of Democracy in America Recall that in 2008, 96 percent of Black people voted for Mein Obama in the presidential election. Obviously, four percent of Black people made a huge error in the voting booth and … Continue reading

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"The Day the EBT Cards Run Out": A Glimpse of the Chaos from Clayton County

The Reality of Clayton County, again. The Black Undertow: Best Represented in Clayton County, Georgia We write about that wonderful county located in Metro-Atlanta a lot here. Whether it is a Black sheriff firing all the white police officers and … Continue reading

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Will "White Flight" be declared Illegal? News from the "City too Busy to Hate"

Will “white flight” be declared illegal? Why don’t people move to majority Black cities? In the state of Georgia, the Black Caucus is suing majority white cities ostensibly because of White Flight and the lack of tax dollars being shared … Continue reading

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#43. The Reality of Prince George’s County

In the United States, one city is known as the Black Mecca – Atlanta. Though the demographics are changing rapidly, the rampant corruption found throughout Hotlanta won’t go away anytime soon. A massive scandal in the city school system – … Continue reading

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The Impending Collapse of South Africa and the Implications for the 2010 World Cup

We at SBPDL went on record that a Nelson Mandela death prior to the 2010 World Cup would ruin the chances of a successful futbol (soccer) tournament in that downtrodden nation. But two months away from the first kick, soccer … Continue reading

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#112. Waiting Until Middle School to Start Freak Dancing

Just as a previous post discussed Waiting Until Graduation to Start Stripping, this brief entry will detail an event SBPDL is even shocked about. The people in this video are obviously speaking Spanish, but don’t appear to be Non-Hispanic white … Continue reading

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