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Mein Obama vouches for Mein Vick

Heroes for a different country. Black people are fiercely loyal. The whole world is collapsing on Mein Obama and yet Black people still approve of his performance (as do Disingenuous White Liberals) though he has yet to do anything to … Continue reading

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Mein Obama Calls Black People "Eggplants"

You have to love Mein Obama. His ratings are failing dramatically, the voters who put him in the White House are fleeing with no sign of returning and yet Black people still love their man (though Gallup’s newest poll shows … Continue reading

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The Obama Effect in Action – The World Kneels Before Barack Obama

The Obama Effect. What is it? What type of power does it have over the masses in not just America, but the entire world? Mein Obama was seen as the Tiger Woods of politics, an individual capable of bringing closure … Continue reading

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Mein Obama and Big MO to Appear on "American Idol"

During the 2008 election, you wouldn’t have been wrong to confuse the title of Fox’s hit television show “American Idol” with the fictional title of a documentary about Mein Obama, Barack H. Obama. The media hid the gloves of investigative … Continue reading

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#541. The University of Mississippi Traditions

(Play this song, while you read this entry)It wasn’t that long ago that Heisman Trophy winning (white guy) running back Paul Hornung had this to say about his alma mater Notre Dame and Black people: “In 1963, at the height … Continue reading

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