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#227. Donating Blood

Black people are a charitable lot, when it comes to philanthropic endeavors within their own community. Though it is difficult to qualify how well these donations are impacting the Black community, Black people do give money at an extremely generous … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth: Waiting for “Superman” to Save Education is akin to Waiting for Godot

Time magazine asked an important question last week: “What makes a school great?” Devoting many pages of deadwood to bemoaning the current state of K-12 education in America, Time reports: Waiting for “Superman” is a new film about America’s malfunctioning … Continue reading

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Black History Month Heroes – Dr. Julius Hibbert in "The Simpsons"

For more than 20 years the exploits of that yellow family from Springfield – Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart and Maggie – have brought joy to the hundreds of millions of people across the globe. The Simpsons, a cartoon comedic masterpiece … Continue reading

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#754. Watches Left on Dying Men in the ER

“I might not be a doctor, but I play one one TV.” Who doesn’t remember that famous commercial? Everyone loves doctors, yet few care to invest the time and effort into the proper education to be certified to take the … Continue reading

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