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When "Waiting for Superman" Requires a Lex Luthor-style Plan: The Collapse of Black- Run Atlanta Public Schools (APS) Ruse

Editor’s note: Due to events outside of my hands, SBPDL must undergo an emergency fundraiser. You can make a donation through the PayPal link in the upper left-hand corner or contact us and we’ll you send PO Box information. Or … Continue reading

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Scott’s Tots it’s Not: Flocabulary to Save the Day

The skies are clear, no superhero is near. Black people wait with bated breath for that hero to arrive that will provide the knowledge and knowhow necessary to cause of cessation of Waiting for “Superman”. A hero with the pedagogic … Continue reading

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Facebook Creator gives $100 Million to Newark’s Troubled Public Schools; The Social Network will still be Released

What would you do with $100 million dollars? Think about it for a second. No, give it a few more seconds. In fact, take your time with this question. All right. What did you come up with? Well, if you … Continue reading

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An Inconvenient Truth: Waiting for “Superman” to Save Education is akin to Waiting for Godot

Time magazine asked an important question last week: “What makes a school great?” Devoting many pages of deadwood to bemoaning the current state of K-12 education in America, Time reports: Waiting for “Superman” is a new film about America’s malfunctioning … Continue reading

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#163. The Wonderlic Test

Grown men and the young alike of all races spend untold hours of their day unproductively researching inane statistics of their favorite athletes and football teams; spending time carousing message boards such as and to learn about the … Continue reading

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#149. Accreditation

Black people have long enjoyed the idea of being “separate and extra-equal” – an idea that they get to have their own institutions, schools and organizations, yet Black people also get to continue to garner affirmative action, victim status and … Continue reading

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