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#208. Running Out of Chicken Wings

Latarian Milton, the seven-year-old from hell that makes the Problem Child look like one of the Brady Bunch kids, is back to show the world yet another example of Stuff Black People Don’t Like. Milton is the same child that … Continue reading

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#6. Tipping

One of the many secrets that Black people never wanted to be shared with the masses is their complete and utter disdain for tipping. Black people are intrinsically opposed to parting with their money – one of the reasons they … Continue reading

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#500. Running out of McNuggets (Reader Submitted idea)

Stuff Black People Don’t Like is a new web-zine, dedicated to enlightening not only the United States, but the entire world on Stuff Black People Don’t Like. However, due to the enormity of the task, we sometimes require outside help. … Continue reading

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# 207. Running out of Fried Chicken

Black people are a very fascinating subject matter and are easily agitated when a staple food is removed from their diet. As this video portrays so succinctly, running out of fried chicken is hazardous to the black palate. From Rochester, … Continue reading

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