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#440. Peyton Hillis Rushing for more than 1,000 yards

Peyton Hillis has exposed the Caste System in sports An article on former Notre Dame safety and current Baltimore Raven defensive back Tom Zbikowski contained this nugget of wisdom that will come in handy as we discuss an achievement that … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the 2010 NFL Draft

Those who eschew professional sports are incapable of understanding how American life in the 21st century operates and how it evolved to be this way over past 50 years. Perhaps no better example of the magnitude of Black Run America’s … Continue reading

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Toby Gerhart, the Wonderlic and the Upcoming NFL Draft: a White Running Back Crashing the Party

Toby Gerhart stands as an albatross, carrying the heavy burden of being the lone white running back to be considered a top draft pick for the National Football League (NFL) in years. The Heisman Trophy runner-up and Doak Walker award … Continue reading

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#601. The New Orleans Saints Losing

Sports will always matter. People who refuse to acknowledge the power of sports in changing American minds and influencing individual perceptions lack a basic understanding of the world. Consider what Jackie Robinson did for Black people when he integrated baseball … Continue reading

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#77. The Rooney Rule

The National Football League (NFL) boasts one of the most impressive business models in all of American business. Capable of controlling the fortunes of entire television networks is a powerful weapon and the NFL wields that ability effectively: “The television … Continue reading

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#74. Lack of any Black-themed Mascots at American Universities or Colleges

College football season kicks off the 2009 season tonight and the anticipation for watching athlete-students compete in amateur athletics has never been greater. Whereas the National Football League includes 32 teams in large cities throughout the nation, college football is … Continue reading

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#72. Athlete-Students Graduating from College

As SBPDL celebrates the 2009 College Football season’s imminent arrival, we must pause to remember why we are doing this. College football – and the National Football League – hold adult men in perpetual captivity during fall weekends and this … Continue reading

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