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Saved by a Gold Tooth: Gunshot Ricochets off of his Grillz

It is a known fact that gun violence in the Black community is one of the primary reasons many major United States cities are not safe. It has been said that the most dangerous place for a Black person is … Continue reading

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#149. The Decline of Gangsta Rap

Black people love music. They have excelled at numerous forms of music, from jazz to disco, pop and finally to rap music. It is one of the major contributions that they have made to the world, and through this medium … Continue reading

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#70. The Word Niggardly

Black people love words. There’s no getting around it. From “bling” to “booty” to “drive-by shooting,” Blacks have undoubtedly enriched the American English vocabulary. Incredible athletic achievements aside, Black people’s top contribution to the American experiment is undoubtedly the new … Continue reading

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#170. Losing gold teeth

Black people are fascinated by gold, more so than the Spanish Conquistadors of old. Black people love gold so much, that they have it fashioned to put onto their teeth, known throughout the Black community as “grillz”. A subculture has … Continue reading

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