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#459. The Loss of the Washington Bullets Nickname

Black people seem to have no problem with gun violence. Inexplicably, gun violence seems to pervade communities as diverse as the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. The common denominator among all of these cities … Continue reading

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The Ninth Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Errant Snowballs

Washington DC is a town known for safety. However, Black people are already known not to like the snow and have a difficult time discerning the myriad complexities of gun safety. Now, combine snow with gun safety and put these … Continue reading

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Raymond Martinez – the Ultimate SBPDL

For nearly six months we at SBPDL have been chronicling Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and in the process left some people incapable of discerning what the true endgame of the site is and more importantly, why have embarked and … Continue reading

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#198. Gun Safety

Black people are not fans of gun safety, as the high rate of shooting deaths in their community will a test. Black youth routinely accidentally misfire their weapons, discharging them in the direction of people and sometimes themselves. The need … Continue reading

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