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#65. A Bad Manicure

A billion dollar industry Black women spend countless hours and billions of dollars a year because their own hair is unacceptable to them. Korean entrepreneurs reap the benefits of this mane-madness, owning a virtual monopoly on the industry from distributorship … Continue reading

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#262. Onus on Barbershops

At a time when Black unemployment is rising to unprecedented levels, one is hard-pressed to come up with any viable vocational alternatives for those out-of-work or underemployed. Levels of Black unemployment were reaching 25-year highs back in January, now they … Continue reading

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#51. The Nashville Flood

Natural disasters have the ability to bring out the best in people and in many cases, the worst. Tornadoes that level small towns draw families – whose every possession now litters roadways – together. In the seminal book Bowling Alone, … Continue reading

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#24. Their Own Hair

Have you ever seen Liar Liar? This film happens to be one of Jim Carrey’s finest and contains one of the most interesting nuggets of truth imaginable, as Carrey’s character is unable to lie for one day (thanks to a … Continue reading

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#67. Bad Experience at The Barbershop

Black people have three great cultural routines in their everyday lives’s: church; eating fried chicken with the family; and the trip to the barbershop. For many Black children, their fondest memories of childhood come from their initial visit to the … Continue reading

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