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More Than a Feeling: Black on (Gay) Black Attack in Atlanta = Hate Crime; Black on White Attack in Philly = Nothing

God Bless WSHH… but why no “Hate Crime” in Black-on-white attack in Philly? World Star Hip Hop ( is the most important Web site on the Internet, for it shows Black America in all its glory. Black people willingly upload … Continue reading

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Truth, Justice and the American Way are Incompatible in BRA: 700 Black people Demand News Editor Practice Censorship

Remember that incident in Buffalo, when the joyous wedding party was interrupted with a hail of gunshots? Largely unreported nationwide, the local news covered the story with a passion that once motivated all reporters who were tasked with garnering the … Continue reading

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Black History Month Heroes: Tattooed Prisoner from "The Dark Knight"

If you were to consider the most profitable genre of film in the past 15 years, what would your answer be? Chances are, you wouldn’t consider the answer a genre at all, but comic book fans everywhere would beg to … Continue reading

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#716. The Ghost Costume for Halloween

Already, we have discussed that Black people don’t particularly enjoy Ghosts (registered mail and dogs are also on that list). Halloween is closely linked with reverence for the dead and an understanding that on Halloween, the thin line that separates … Continue reading

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#84. Only Winning Nobel Prizes for Peace

SBPDL has tried to make it clear to everyone that We Live in a Black World now, regardless of the demographic figures. All that matters anymore is the United States number one and two exports – sports and Mein Obama … Continue reading

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#214. Top Gun

We at SBPDL broke the magnificent news to the world on July 4th, 2009 that Pre-Obama America was officially dead. With the election of Mein Obama, a nation that Michelle Obama stated “she would be proud of for the first … Continue reading

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