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Valerie Jarrett and Obamacare: What Universal Health Care Means in BRA

We could have been on Mars… Courtesy of The Root, yet another shining example that Black people don’t like to pay for health care: Valerie Jarrett, senior adviser to President Obama, broke with protocol and delivered a campaign-style speech to … Continue reading

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Boise State, Hate Facts and STDs

Hate Facts. We’ve told you about them. Now, Boise State knows all about them: “Students at Boise State University are calling some fliers offensive and racist. The literature first surfaced last week on World AIDS Day. It tells people how … Continue reading

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#754. Watches Left on Dying Men in the ER

“I might not be a doctor, but I play one one TV.” Who doesn’t remember that famous commercial? Everyone loves doctors, yet few care to invest the time and effort into the proper education to be certified to take the … Continue reading

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#24. Paying for Health care

Tomorrow, the United States Senate will begin debate on whether healthcare should be a right guaranteed to all by the federal government and paid for by the upstanding white citizenry of the country: “The racial or ethnic composition of the … Continue reading

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#46. Listening to the CDC

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Center for Disease Control and and Prevention (CDC) has one purpose: “It works to protect public health and safety by providing information to enhance health decisions, and it promotes health through partnerships with state health … Continue reading

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#132. The Birther Movement

Black people don’t like to be challenged. We have discussed what happens when Black people don’t cooperate with the police and now, something much greater is transpiring in America: white people are questioning whether or not Barack Obama was born … Continue reading

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