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Request: Video from Seminole County- Daleville (Ala.) Football Game Brawl

A massive, bench-clearing brawl took place during the Seminole County (Georgia) and Daleville High School (Alabama) football game. Following similar patterns of athletic brawls at the high school and collegiate level nationwide, SBPDL believes this brawl deserves recognition at this … Continue reading

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#991. Going Back to School in Louisville

Black people love going to school, especially high school. It gives Black people a chance to participate in school sports, get noticed by recruiters at major colleges and potentially get a scholarship and be an athlete-student. Black people by and … Continue reading

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#151. Riotless High School Basketball Games

A previous entry pontificated upon Black people and their love of rioting. Black people do not like to be out-rioted. Black people love basketball as the sport offers the chance for Black people to showcase their running, jumping and ball … Continue reading

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