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A Veterans Day Thought: President Bush Bowed Before the Awesome Power of BRA

Veterans Day, 2010. Knowing that many members of the United States military read this blog, please allow us at Stuff Black People Don’t Like to take a moment to honor you and your services. Few institutions are worth defending in … Continue reading

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Raymond Martinez – the Ultimate SBPDL

For nearly six months we at SBPDL have been chronicling Stuff Black People Don’t Like, and in the process left some people incapable of discerning what the true endgame of the site is and more importantly, why have embarked and … Continue reading

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#99. Country Music

“Some say it’s a backward placenarrow minds on the narrow waybut I make it a point to saythat’s where I come from.” These lyrics to Kenny Chesney’s song “Back Where I Come from” epitomize how the entire world views heterosexual, … Continue reading

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#27. Small Butts

Kanye West is a favorite topic at SBPDL. Our fish stick loving, “no homo” espousing, George W. Bush bashing, Absolute Vodka swilling, Taylor Swift award-crashing friend is also a major lover of women who are callipygous. Rumors of Kanye West’s … Continue reading

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#341. Public Displays of Kanye West

By now – unless you are living in a cave – you are aware of the once controversial cartoon, now innocuous South Park. White people have long enjoyed watching this show that will soon be entering its 15th season and … Continue reading

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