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Most Dangerous Neighborhoods in America and the District B13 Solution

In the movie District B13 the ghettos of Paris, France have been walled off, sealed and quarantined. 24-hour patrols guard those left behind the wall from ever escaping, keeping the high-rates of crime and therapeutic car burning sessions contained and … Continue reading

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#120. Martin Luther King Jr. Streets, Avenues and Lanes

“A Nightmare on Elm Street” has long thrilled audiences with its campy terror, disfigured gruesome villain and tawdry sexual innuendo. One of the most successful horror franchise, “Elm Street” has been the avenue that has led to ghastly nightmares for … Continue reading

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#287. People Locking Their Car Doors When They Approach

Black people know that white people look on them with suspicious eyes. Black people know that when they enter a store, the employees and owner cast numerous glances in their direction, in fear they might abscond with something since Black … Continue reading

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