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The Tuskegee Experiment Part II: Wal-Mart Moves into Washington D.C. and Chicago

Wal-Mart. We’ve talked about this company before (Black Friday twice, cheaper prices for unwanted goods, braving the back of the line, PA announcements gone awry, and worse, who represents the real and must now discuss how this store is … Continue reading

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Youth Revolt in the Heartland: More than 100 Black people riot at Milwaukee Mall

“Youth” riot… Black youth riot Mall envy. Dress codes. Curfews. Flash mobs terrorizing Philadelphia, Kansas City and other major cities. Can you guess what racial group suffers from the symptoms of mall envy? How about the group that dress codes … Continue reading

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#52. Mall Envy

What is the greatest detriment to the success of a mall or shopping complex? Location? Natural disaster? Recession/depression? The Black mall: devoid of business None of the above. Try clientele. Shopping complexes and malls last as viable consumer destinations only … Continue reading

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Brawl in Miami Mall: It Makes Sense When you Wear Black Goggles

Think of the world as it appears when you’re intoxicated. A heightened sense of invincibility overtakes your normal emotions and demeanor, superseding rationality and civility. You slur your speech in an almost unintelligible dialect, with all inhibitions vanishing as your … Continue reading

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