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The Jayson Blair Award goes to Chris Matthews

Sarah Palin is able to arouse the most venomous anger from disingenuous white liberals, because she represents MARs anger unlike any other political figure. At a recent book signing for her new tome, Palin was victimized by MSNBC’s Chris Matthews … Continue reading

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Organized Communities…

SBPDL has been sitting on The Reality of Cook County story for sometime, and felt in the horrific and violent death of Derrion Albert the time for holding out on this important piece was over. RIP Derrion. Your death is … Continue reading

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Kneel Before Zod!

Kneel before Zod… er, Obama! SBPDL has been on the forefront of analyzing the approval ratings for Mein Obama, the name that Black people have fondly created for Barack Hussein Obama. We have pointed out that he received 96 percent … Continue reading

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#153. A Real Million Man March

Flash back to 1995. The nation was rocked by racial violence as Black people decided not to cooperate with the police. OJ Simpson was in the headlines, but not for his football ability, but rather his alleged knife skills. Militias … Continue reading

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#471. Rep. Joe Wilson

Criticism of Mein Obama is a sure sign of racism in the eyes of Black people and their enablers, disingenuous white liberals. Black people expected the honeymoon for Barack Obama to last for his entire first four years in office … Continue reading

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#93. MARs Attacking

Mankind has long been fascinated with the Red Planet, as the prospect that the fourth planet from the sun and closest to our own earth might be home to an advanced civilization has dominated the thoughts of educated men for … Continue reading

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