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The Return of McDonald’s 365Black! Filet-O-Fish Order Gets Violent

Mess up the order? More 365Black activity at McDonald’s McDonald’s. Black people. What a combination! Even Daniel Tosh, the popular comedian and host of one of cable’s most popular shows – Tosh.0 – pointed out the hilarity of McDonald’s 365Black campaign … Continue reading

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So You Don’t Want Fries? Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child at 365Black McDonald’s

Podcast 3 goes up tomorrow. Working on editing it for sound quality. Check back to SBPDL regularly this week, as a flurry of posts (some on football that many won’t read, plus a big article on Oprah’s failing network and … Continue reading

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DHS and McDonald’s Both on the 365Black Agenda

What ever happened to judging by the ‘content of ones character’? It seems the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has come to realize judging by the “color of their skin” is only applicable when it comes to white people. A … Continue reading

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McDonald’s 365Black Transvestite Attack in Baltimore Not the Original Transvestite Moment at McDonald’s

Boycott 365Black at McDonald’s In all the fun over this past week’s racial transgendered beat down of a white girl dude by a group of enraged Black women at McDonald’s, we failed to mention a past moment of hilarity that … Continue reading

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365Black Behavior AGAIN at McDonald’s; Survivor Provides an Unforgettable Lesson

McDonald’s has become a warzone We’ve been itching to start doing the old # posts again and have a long essay on the rap group Odd Future (who rap about rape) and Ashley Judd that has been gestating in our mind … Continue reading

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National Day of Hiring at McDonald’s goes 365Black

McDonald’s is a company that brags about its commitment and devotion to not only diversity, but employing Black people in owner/operator roles. It is committed to the concept of 365Black. McDonald’s 365Black campaign continues with melee in Cleveland Someone from … Continue reading

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Should we be Shocked anymore? IHOP and Wendy’s provide intimate profiles of Black people

Nothing should shock us anymore. Nothing. If you’ve been reading this Web site for awhile now nothing that we post should surprise you. No story of utter depravity should induce shock, no mainstream newspaper article or CNN story bemoaning the … Continue reading

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