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President Mein Obama visits Memphis: Will he propose the Michael Oher Act?

We have long been a proponent of instituting the Michael Oher Act (MOA) across the nation. Actually, we here at SBPDL originated the idea for the MOA and believe that it is the only action left that could bridge the … Continue reading

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#49. Whitopia

Who in the world could like Pre-Obama America? The boring, white-bread world that represented America when it was 90 percent white (as late as 1964 the United States was less than 1 percent Hispanic – a forthcoming SBPDL) is but … Continue reading

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365Black at SBPDL!

Stuff Black People Don’t Like prides itself on answering McDonald’s call to be 365Black.We will bring you the goods on Stuff Black People Don’t Like all day and everyday. Nothing else will be discussed at, because we feel it … Continue reading

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#356. Memphis Transvestites

Black people love McDonald’s. We have already discussed Black people’s disdain for running of Chicken McNuggets, a faux pas worthy of calling 911 over. McDonald’s and Black people have a special connection that few can deny. First, they serve Coke … Continue reading

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