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#45. Power Ballads

There’s something about the 1980s: John Hughes movies were a bridge back to the 1950s; Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics were saving the NBA; Michael Jackson decided his ebony skin needed an ivory overhaul; bands like Journey, Toto, Bon … Continue reading

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What’s the deal with Hip-Hop and Rap artists using 80s beats?

The other day in the gym, I heard the familiar beat of Video Killed the Radio Star play over the sound system. Instead of the 1980s song however, the beat accompanied strange new lyrics courtesy of and Nicki Minaj. … Continue reading

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#64. No Loitering Signs

Loitering. Nationwide, businesses are confounded with the problem of individuals who have the apparent goal of standing around pointlessly with no desire to purchase any goods, but to merely engage in prolonged periods of fixed lingering. No attempt is made … Continue reading

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The Eleventh Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Rock Band

Christmas is a time where family comes together to share the wonderful tradition of giving gifts to loved ones. Nestled safely under the Christmas Tree, these gifts are packaged in ornate wrapping-paper hiding the contents for all to see, namely … Continue reading

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#99. Country Music

“Some say it’s a backward placenarrow minds on the narrow waybut I make it a point to saythat’s where I come from.” These lyrics to Kenny Chesney’s song “Back Where I Come from” epitomize how the entire world views heterosexual, … Continue reading

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#5. Classical Music

Madonna implores us, “music makes the people come together.” Yeah. Black people love music. Love it. Black people love music so much that when you travel on a monorail system in any major city (Chicago, Atlanta, Washington DC, New York … Continue reading

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#149. The Decline of Gangsta Rap

Black people love music. They have excelled at numerous forms of music, from jazz to disco, pop and finally to rap music. It is one of the major contributions that they have made to the world, and through this medium … Continue reading

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