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Act of Valor: "Time" Magazine Brags About Obama and Military’s War on White Navy SEALs

What the Obama Administration wants the face of the Navy SEALs to be: non-white Sometimes you read an article or watch a news show and hear something that puts everything into a clear focus. Today at, I published an … Continue reading

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What does the Army-Navy Game Mean in Black-Run America (BRA)?

Who are those white boys? Jacob Hester would fit right in. Millions will watch, not knowing why. It’s a game that doesn’t matter, but it’s a game that matters very much. Army/Navy. One of the proud traditions in all of … Continue reading

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"Real American Heroes: Part Two": Black-Run America (BRA) is at War with the United States Military

Laying in bed the other night, I found myself laughing at the thought of an article someone had sent me. It was from 2002 and dealt with the United States military, specifically the Navy SEALs and other US Special Forces … Continue reading

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‘Stars and Stripes’ claims: "White people too Valorous"

Stars and Stripes publishes story bemoaning lack of Black military heroes We write about the military a lot here. From G.I. Joe to Top Gun, from SEALs Team 6 to discussing articles that claim the officers of the United States … Continue reading

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The Inevitable SEALs Team 6 Movie glorifying the Osama Killing: How many Blacks will be cast?

Spot the Token Black… wait, this isn’t a movie Reading today an article about current Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, we had to laugh, realizing he was describing in succinct detail what we call Black-Run America (BRA). He called America a … Continue reading

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Errant snowballs, Chicken and Waffles for MLK Day and Navy Standards in Decline: SBPDL Re-dux

Didn’t we warn people about acknowledging soul food and Black people’s love for it? This Web site started as a joke, a late-night idea conceived by a number of friends engaged in a conversation on forbidden topics. It’s evolved into … Continue reading

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#83. Coast Guard Academy Standards

In Black Run America (BRA), the burning desire for every organization or entity (be it the Boy Scouts, television show, college or university, corporation, major league baseball, etc.) is to increase the number of Black people who comprise the work … Continue reading

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