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BusinessWeek Profiles Jeff Foster, the Richest Man in the NBA

Mandatory Reading: Sports Illustrated‘s How (and Why) Athlete’s Go Broke before you start reading this short entry. Jeff Foster, the richest man in the NBA On a recent business trip, I picked up the latest issue of Bloomberg BusinesssWeek (one … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh and Donovan McNabb 2.0: Media Anoints Cam Newton as new Black NFL Quarterback Star After One Game goes into full-blown “Donovan McNabb 2.0” mode with Cam Newton Remember what Rush Limbaugh said about Donovan McNabb back in 2003? We do here at SBPDL, as it ultimately cost Mr. Limbaugh a shot at owning a National Football … Continue reading

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NBA Lockout: They Still get an "A" from Richard Lapchick for Diversity!

Editor’s note: Due to events outside of my hands, SBPDL must undergo an emergency fundraiser. You can make a donation through the PayPal link in the upper left-hand corner or contact us and we’ll you send PO Box information. Or … Continue reading

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Black Thanksgiving is upon Us: NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA needs great white hopes, but that means Black players must pass them the ball Editors Note: I am Number Four was exactly like we said it would be two weeks ago. An all-white cast in which white people are … Continue reading

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#459. The Loss of the Washington Bullets Nickname

Black people seem to have no problem with gun violence. Inexplicably, gun violence seems to pervade communities as diverse as the cities of Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, Los Angeles, Chicago and Washington DC. The common denominator among all of these cities … Continue reading

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#123. Those Who Can See

We at SBPDL talk about college football and sports all the time for one simple reason: without sports, Black people would have absolutely no positive images to project to the American people. Integration and the breakdown of entrenched dogmatic white … Continue reading

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