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White People Engage in Apple Store Riots… Again

Why are these white people rioting over Apple products again? What is it about white people (especially those Stuff White People Like – SWPL – whites) and Apple Stores? Why is it that when a new Apple product is released, … Continue reading

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Not Exactly "Christmas Shoes": Black People Riot Nationwide Over Air Jordan’s… Again

There are two songs around Christmas that I don’t like hearing. One is Same Auld Lang Syne; the other is Christmas Shoes. Black people attack Foot Locker’s and each other across the nation The former is about two long-lost lovers … Continue reading

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The Fifth Day of Christmas at SBPDL- Not Getting Air Jordan XI

Have you seen the Christmas classic, Jingle All the Way? The film is all about finding that perfect toy for Christmas and yet, when the nefarious God of supply and demand steps in to annihilate those seemingly wonderful plans before … Continue reading

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