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What’s the deal with Hip-Hop and Rap artists using 80s beats?

The other day in the gym, I heard the familiar beat of Video Killed the Radio Star play over the sound system. Instead of the 1980s song however, the beat accompanied strange new lyrics courtesy of and Nicki Minaj. … Continue reading

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No Homo: The Fall of Bishop Long

Mark your calendars: 10-10-10 approaches. The first year of Stuff Black People Don’t Like released in book form. A major announcement will accompany the release of the book as well. Major. What will that be, you inquire? Stay tuned. Just … Continue reading

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#295. Disturbances at Black Gay Pride Events

Black people love block parties, as they offer one of the ultimate chances for community building and interacting with fellow Black people in a congenial environment. Having multiple generations of Black people congregating together and sharing stories with one another … Continue reading

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#27. Small Butts

Kanye West is a favorite topic at SBPDL. Our fish stick loving, “no homo” espousing, George W. Bush bashing, Absolute Vodka swilling, Taylor Swift award-crashing friend is also a major lover of women who are callipygous. Rumors of Kanye West’s … Continue reading

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