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#65. A Bad Manicure

A billion dollar industry Black women spend countless hours and billions of dollars a year because their own hair is unacceptable to them. Korean entrepreneurs reap the benefits of this mane-madness, owning a virtual monopoly on the industry from distributorship … Continue reading

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Precedent Setting: Two Black Women Caught Stealing $2,400 Worth of Merchandise in their Body Fat

If trends hold, all Black women will be considered morbidly obese in 30 years It has been stated here that unless trends change, 30 years from now all Black women will be considered morbidly obese. With Black women forgetting to … Continue reading

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#49. The Emaciated Look

We have stated before that Black people do not like to pass on seconds. Well, the Atlantic monthly magazine has provided SBPDL with perhaps the most depressing article imaginable, and it is one that presents a future comprised entirely of … Continue reading

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#24. Their Own Hair

Have you ever seen Liar Liar? This film happens to be one of Jim Carrey’s finest and contains one of the most interesting nuggets of truth imaginable, as Carrey’s character is unable to lie for one day (thanks to a … Continue reading

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#719. McDonald’s Celebrating Halloween

There is a time and place that is now but an epoch of history, forever enshrined in the history books as an era of oppression, persecution and cultural hegemony fostered upon venerable Black people who were mere unwitting subjects to … Continue reading

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#46. Listening to the CDC

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the Center for Disease Control and and Prevention (CDC) has one purpose: “It works to protect public health and safety by providing information to enhance health decisions, and it promotes health through partnerships with state health … Continue reading

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#9. Passing on Seconds

Food. Without it, humans couldn’t live. For Black people, being denied food is nowhere near as bad as criticizing Mein Obama, but heaping portions of food is a staple of Black peoples life. Black people love food so much, they … Continue reading

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