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Tulsa, New Orleans, the Haunting Specter of Black Crime and the Justice Department’s Response

Eric “my people” Holder blames Black crime rates on anyone but the Black criminals Tulsa is home one of our favorite restaurants, The Chicken Hut. The food is so good there that a Black person bleeding out from a gunshot … Continue reading

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#471. Rep. Joe Wilson

Criticism of Mein Obama is a sure sign of racism in the eyes of Black people and their enablers, disingenuous white liberals. Black people expected the honeymoon for Barack Obama to last for his entire first four years in office … Continue reading

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#49. Criticism of "Mein Obama"

The United States of America in July 2009 is a much different place then it was in July 0f 2008. For one thing, we live in a land liberated from the racist stranglehold of white people as the glorious day … Continue reading

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#99. Cooperating with Police

Black people don’t like to be told what to do. This is a fact and an irrefutable one. They were told to sit in the back of the bus, and refused. They were told to not eat at the same … Continue reading

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