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Remembering MLK’s Dream and the Brown Paper Bag Test: Light or Dark?

The legacy of the Brown Paper Bag Test Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, a holy day in Black Run America (BRA) that surpasses Christmas in theological importance. We have discussed MLK before here at SBPDL and today pay respects … Continue reading

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#49. The Emaciated Look

We have stated before that Black people do not like to pass on seconds. Well, the Atlantic monthly magazine has provided SBPDL with perhaps the most depressing article imaginable, and it is one that presents a future comprised entirely of … Continue reading

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#335. The Lack of Roles for Black actresses

Gentlemen prefer blondes, or so it is said. Tiger Woods might agree with that statement, as his choice of diversity is apparently only includes brunettes or blondes. Human Biodiversity (HBD) research is a sorely under-funded area of science that also … Continue reading

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#687. The Movie "Precious"

“I’ll get you my precious, and your little dog too!” so said the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. Michael Vick would have found this declaration of intent somewhat tardy, for he had already engaged in getting many a … Continue reading

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