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#376. Waiting Nearly 100 Years for a Black Disney Princess

The wait is finally over. After patiently waiting nearly a century to see it, Black people will finally enjoy the sight of a Black princess in a Walt Disney film, with the November 25 release of The Princess and the … Continue reading

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#28. Driving While Black

Black people are known to be primarily afraid of three things: Dogs, Ghosts and Registered Mail. Interestingly, the fourth thing that Black people fear the most is Driving While Black (DWB), or the idea that: “Driving While Black” is a … Continue reading

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#400. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Michael Bay has made a number of movies that Black people love to see. Those titles include The Rock, Armageddon, Bad Boys, Bad Boys II, Transformers and Pearl Harbor. He has endeared himself to Black people for casting Will Smith … Continue reading

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#70. The Word Niggardly

Black people love words. There’s no getting around it. From “bling” to “booty” to “drive-by shooting,” Blacks have undoubtedly enriched the American English vocabulary. Incredible athletic achievements aside, Black people’s top contribution to the American experiment is undoubtedly the new … Continue reading

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#69. The Brown Paper Bag Test

Black people would like the world to believe that they truly are a universal brotherhood representing peace, tolerance and hope. A Black man was just elected President of the United States running largely as the candidate who promoted change and … Continue reading

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