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A Lot of Potential "Bang" behind the "Whimper": What the Dallas County Voucher Riot Tells us about BRA’s Future

It’s all going to end in tears Traveling today. Trying to finish editing Captain American and Whiteness (cover will be up by Saturday), but can’t help but look out the window of the airplane – while at a cruising altitude … Continue reading

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Those Vancouver Riots: The Difference is Black and White

Has anyone read where alcohol had a hand in aiding the Mahogany Mobs in Chicago? Perhaps alcohol is the reason Baltimore is investing curfew centers this summer? Can alcohol explain why Atlanta is becoming a police state this summer, in … Continue reading

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But Where’s Blackwater (XE)? Japan 2011 vs. New Orleans 2005

Visiting the past few days has been emotionally difficult. The devastation in Japan from the 9.0 earthquake is horrific, a powerful reminder that the forces of nature can never be tamed by man. Blackwater was needed after Katrina to make … Continue reading

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Black Thanksgiving is upon Us: NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA needs great white hopes, but that means Black players must pass them the ball Editors Note: I am Number Four was exactly like we said it would be two weeks ago. An all-white cast in which white people are … Continue reading

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How a DWL views the world of crime: Moderating the truth away

Disingenuous White Liberals must close their eyes to escape reality Remember school discipline? We’ve talked about it before, showcasing a study The New York Times found horrifying: In many of the nation’s middle schools, black boys were nearly three times … Continue reading

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Youth Revolt in the Heartland: More than 100 Black people riot at Milwaukee Mall

“Youth” riot… Black youth riot Mall envy. Dress codes. Curfews. Flash mobs terrorizing Philadelphia, Kansas City and other major cities. Can you guess what racial group suffers from the symptoms of mall envy? How about the group that dress codes … Continue reading

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For all those who Referee/ Umpire sporting events…

Stop. Stop now. Don’t umpire or referee anymore: Above, you can view the most shocking video we’ve seen thus far today. It depicts a sequence from a recent high school basketball game in Florida between DeSoto County and Port Charlotte. … Continue reading

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