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Errant snowballs, Chicken and Waffles for MLK Day and Navy Standards in Decline: SBPDL Re-dux

Didn’t we warn people about acknowledging soul food and Black people’s love for it? This Web site started as a joke, a late-night idea conceived by a number of friends engaged in a conversation on forbidden topics. It’s evolved into … Continue reading

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Errant Snowballs Lead to Mass Arrests in Philadelphia

In the history of snowball fights, few have attained the notoriety of the infamous December 2009 snow war that ended with the enraged Washington DC police officer, Detective Mike Baylor, arresting many combatants after brandishing a firearm. No snowball – … Continue reading

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#472. The Winter Olympics

Black people don’t like the snow. They especially don’t like errant snowballs thrown haphazardly in the general vicinity of where they might be located, if in fact that Black person is in the unfortunate realm where snow is accumulating. Case … Continue reading

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The Ninth Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Errant Snowballs

Washington DC is a town known for safety. However, Black people are already known not to like the snow and have a difficult time discerning the myriad complexities of gun safety. Now, combine snow with gun safety and put these … Continue reading

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The Fourth Day of Christmas at SBPDL – Snow

We’ve had the distinct pleasure of introducing you, dear reader, to the inimitable Leonard Jeffries before and we find this auspicious moment a perfect opportunity to rekindle that intimate relationship. A “White Christmas” has befallen a good portion of the … Continue reading

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