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A Tale of Two Groups Seeking Asylum: 28 Jamaican Homosexuals welcomed to America, while the Boers await their fate

You’d have to be blind to not see BRA’s power now Religion and abortion are two topics that we don’t like to discuss here. But one topic we quickly will discuss is the recent decision by the United States government … Continue reading

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Barack Obama’s 2011 State of the Union – It’s time to mention the unmentionable

Yes, you can see too You can’t address any of the problems in America – whether increasing or decreasing taxation, improving education (its working pretty good for whites and Asians), stopping manufacturing companies and white collars jobs from being outsourced, … Continue reading

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World Cup Preview (Part 2): The South African World Cup Already a Failure

Is it wrong to call the World Cup in South Africa – an event hasn’t even started yet – a failure? No. It is not. We are told by Time magazine’s Managing Editor Richard Stengel that Nelson Mandela is the … Continue reading

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One Game Changes Everything

If you watch ESPN, you have seen this tag line for the 2010 World Cup quite frequently – One Game Changes Everything. The idea behind this marketing strategy is to imply that with the first game being played in South … Continue reading

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Business Week Confirms: 2010 World Cup in South Africa is in Big Trouble

We take no pride in our conclusions being validated by real-world events. Yes, so a lily-white Duke basketball team won the 2010 NCAA Championship. So what? But South Africa descending into chaos that rivals Zimbabwe? How could we honestly make … Continue reading

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The Impending Collapse of South Africa and the Implications for the 2010 World Cup

We at SBPDL went on record that a Nelson Mandela death prior to the 2010 World Cup would ruin the chances of a successful futbol (soccer) tournament in that downtrodden nation. But two months away from the first kick, soccer … Continue reading

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