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Richard Lapchick, Black Failure in the Classroom and Sports: Are Black people better athletes?

We love the work of Richard Laphick, an individual who has spent the bulk of his professional career highlighting the glories of integration through sports, but inadvertently showing the continued failures and plight of Black athletes – by extension perpetuating … Continue reading

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#235. Tiger Woods Fall From Grace

Stuff Black Like People Don’t Like has said it before and we will say it again: without sports – and ESPN – Black people would have few, if any positive images to display to the world. Sports allowed integration – … Continue reading

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#318. Sportsmanship

Sports. The final frontier for Black people. Sports offer “a way out” for Black people who live in broken home without fathers, or in the ghetto surrounded by misery, and the possibility of riches and fame comes with this promise. … Continue reading

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