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#66. Faded "In Memoriam" T-Shirts

The news that Troy Davis will be executed tomorrow brings a smile to us at SBPDL. Black murderers on death row always become a cause célèbre for Disingenuous White Liberals (DWLs) who are convinced that high-rates of Black males in … Continue reading

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The Crazies are Everywhere: It’s Not Just the Big Cities

Editor’s note: Due to events outside of my hands, SBPDL must undergo an emergency fundraiser. You can make a donation through the PayPal link in the upper left-hand corner or contact us and we’ll you send PO Box information. Or … Continue reading

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Tears Flow from "The Onion" over Trump’s Victory on the Birther Question

“The Blacks” crying over Trump Lawrence Auster nails it (OneSTDV as well) when it comes to the Barack Obama’s Birth Certificate, an issue we don’t care about. It’s hilarious that Mein Obama allowed a debate to fester for three years … Continue reading

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