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#19. Snitching

Cooperating with police has long been an act Black people find unnecessary and in some cases, reprehensible. Doing so creates a disconnect between the Black person who finds common ground with the officer of the law and thus, they turn … Continue reading

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A Teachable Moment from Lionel McIntyre?

Stuff Black People Don’t Like considers every post a teachable moment, just as Mein Obama decided the Beer Summit after the infamous Cooperating with the Police incident occurred at Harvard (or, the lack of cooperating with police). A lot of … Continue reading

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#6. Acting White

We are treading in water today few Black people ever dare to wade into: it is an area and “life-style” change for a Black person that is a more uncomfortable subject of conversation with their parents and peers than announcing … Continue reading

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#149. Accreditation

Black people have long enjoyed the idea of being “separate and extra-equal” – an idea that they get to have their own institutions, schools and organizations, yet Black people also get to continue to garner affirmative action, victim status and … Continue reading

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#13. The Man

All Black people love conspiracies. Conspiracies that blame all Black problems on White people flourish in the Black community, especially conspiracies that date back hundreds of years, even thousands. Believing that White people stole numerous Black inventions; that many famous … Continue reading

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