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Thomas Jane "Too White" to Star Opposite Sly Stallone in ‘Headshot’? ‘Hollywood in Blackface’ in Action

Having just published a book called Hollywood in Blackface, I feel like I have a good grasp of Tinseltown and the direction the studios are attempting to go with their casting decision. Knowing that Fast Five had the ultimate multiracial … Continue reading

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Fast and the Furious: The changing dynamic of Bad Asses in Film

This article is adapted from Hollywood in Blackface, which comes out Friday.The chapter it comes from is an in-depth discussion of the late 90s – early 2000 action films that worked to de-legitimize the concept of the “white bad ass” … Continue reading

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#710. Thomas Jane

We know what you are asking yourself. Probably, you are having the exact same reaction to this entry as the fine folks over at Arrested Development did when they were confronted with Thomas Jane. Who or what is a Thomas … Continue reading

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