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#45. Tyler Perry Haters

Actors in Hollywood sometime develop cult followings. The inimitable Bruce Campbell stands alone as the actor whose fans flock to his B-movies with a fanatical devotion usually reserved for the likes of stars, like Matt Damon (if that fan happens … Continue reading

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#48. The Reality of Adoption

Michael Oher is a fine football player, who is an employee of the National Football League (NFL) and the benefactor of white people and their amazing altruism. We have previously written about Oher and the white family that nurtured him … Continue reading

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#463. Only One Myron Rolle

Editors note: A few new entries have been postponed. SBPDL will be traveling yet again this weekend and is putting the finishing touches on a few gems. Enjoy yet another college football entry, for this reason: “Many Americans treat the … Continue reading

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#341. Public Displays of Kanye West

By now – unless you are living in a cave – you are aware of the once controversial cartoon, now innocuous South Park. White people have long enjoyed watching this show that will soon be entering its 15th season and … Continue reading

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#75. Lack of Black Head Coaches in College Football

Bear Bryant, whom many consider to be the finest football coach in history, will also be the man that Black people in the future “Black World” canonize as being the patron saint of making Southern football accommodating to Black people, … Continue reading

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#5. Republicans

Black people are hard to please. They will never forgive white people for Pre-Obama America, an era that they deem dead and gone. Regardless of obsequious actions performed by white people to placate Black people, resentment and bitterness will always … Continue reading

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#6. Acting White

We are treading in water today few Black people ever dare to wade into: it is an area and “life-style” change for a Black person that is a more uncomfortable subject of conversation with their parents and peers than announcing … Continue reading

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