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The White World of Online Gaming: Explicit "White Flight" from the "Black Undertow"

Second Life: Where the justification for “White Flight” is explicit We have finally realized that “white flight” isn’t something that Black people like. Sure, Black people get control over the city where white people no longer desire to live, but … Continue reading

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#78. Black Zombies

It has been said that “when hell is full, the dead will walk the earth.” One people and one nation deserve credit for delivering a frightening genre full of suspense, chills and gruesome images of undead carnage: Haitians. The idea … Continue reading

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#271. Designing Video Games

What are people doing nowadays to occupy their precious time? Well, enough people are cumulatively playing video games to warrant its inclusion as a 5th television network: “Americans as a whole spend more time playing video games than they do … Continue reading

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