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"This is a Black World" – Jacksonville Wal-Mart Symbolically Seized by 300+ of Obama’s Sons and Daughters

It was a quote uttered by a Black person who engaged in a 50-person Black Pack Attack on a white family in Akron, Ohio around July 4th in 2009 that motivates me on a daily basis (, July 7, 2009): … Continue reading

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Brightest Day, Blackest Night: No Deal Shall Escape My Sight

Conspiracy theory? Yes, this is a still photo from the $2 Waffle Maker brawl at Wal-Mart There are days where you realize how far removed from normal society you have become and it is these precious moments that you understand why being … Continue reading

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The Tuskegee Experiment Part II: Wal-Mart Moves into Washington D.C. and Chicago

Wal-Mart. We’ve talked about this company before (Black Friday twice, cheaper prices for unwanted goods, braving the back of the line, PA announcements gone awry, and worse, who represents the real and must now discuss how this store is … Continue reading

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Easter, Wal-Mart and a Black Brawl for Candy in Salisbury

Wal-Mart. We at SBPDL find the number one company on Fortune’s list of top corporations to be the ultimate barometer of life in 21st century America. If you want to see what the real status of the United State’s is … Continue reading

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We Told You the Walmart Message for "Black People to leave the Store" Would Become National News

It was merely a prank, one in poor taste like the dropping of cotton balls or engaging in a Compton Cookout, but a prank nonetheless. But the audacity of hopelessness displayed by the villain who dared to utter “Attention: all … Continue reading

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#872. Being Told to Leave Wal-Mart

Fortune ranks Wal-Mart as the top corporation in America. We at SBPDL don’t disagree. Wal-Mart is the true indicator of life in the United States, as the internet sensation dares to showcase for the entire world to see the … Continue reading

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#677. Being the Real

Admit it. You’ve ventured to the absolutely brilliant website and enjoyed a few hearty laughs (maybe a few belly laughs). What exactly is “We personally have nothing against Walmart. We, along with most of America, shop at Walmart … Continue reading

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